“The transatlantic circulation of printed matter - the globalization of culture in the 19th century” is a project of international cooperation that brings together researchers interested in investigating the printed matter and ideas that circulated between England, France, Portugal and Brazil in the “long nineteenth century” (1789 – 1914).

This site gives visibility and access to the process of construction of this knowledge with links to items such as “Project” (in which are described the purposes of the research group), “Team” (with information about professors, researchers, students and their projects), “Publications” (in which the partial results of research are made available, by means of the books, essays and theses produced by the group), “Files” (containing sets of documents revealing the cultural connections between those countries) and “Events” (with access to the programme and papers given by members in conferences organised by the group).

Navigation on the site will make clear that the world was connected by written texts, people and ideas for much longer than is usually fathomed.